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To join the Therapeutic Sound Association, please complete the Application Form below. After your application has been submitted we will then contact you to let you know if your membership has been accepted. If your membership is not accepted, all fees will be transfered back to you less costs.

Membership Tiers
  • Student (Currently Training) - Fee: £29.99 annually
  • Associate Member/Workshop Presenters (Not offering qualifications) - Fee: £39.99 annually
For those that have been working in the field of therapeutic sound but do not have or issue qualifications or individuals engaged in research. If you run workshops for personal interest as well as CPD modules that are not issuing qualifications, you are welcome to join the TSA. If you are also a Pracitioner/Therapist you can pay an additional fee of £20 annually to be registered as a practitioner as well.
  • Individual Practitioner/Therapist (Qualified - Including International Practitioners/Therapists) - Fee: £49.99 annually
  • Professional Training Providers (Offering Qualifications) - Fees: £100.00* annually
For anyone offering professional Therapeutic Sound qualifications, including on-line courses. This fee covers the Principal of the establishment, each additional tutor will pay the reduced fee of £39.99 annually. If you represent a newly formed training establishment and are not yet registered with the Therapeutic Sound Association, please contact us. We welcome new applications from organisations that add to the richness and diversity of this field. Fees for first membership - an additional consultancy fee may apply if your organisation requires assistance in setting up your school.
  • Change of Details To change details and/or include additional therapies - Fee: £10

Please complete the Membership Application form and refer to Membership Payment Options section below, many thanks

Please make payment for your TSA Membership by selecting the appropriate PayPal button below, many thanks

  • Student Currently Training - £29.99
  • Associate Member/Workshop Presenters
   (Not offering qualifications) - £39.99
  • Individual Practitioner/Therapist (Qualified)
   Including International Practitioners/Therapists - £49.99
  • Professional Training Providers (Offering Qualifications) - £100.00
  • Change of Details - £10
  • Individual Practitioner/Therapist (Qualified)
  • Associate Member/Workshop Presenter - £59.99
Payment Options
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